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Before You Commit

Andrey Ligayi

A resource for teens, parents, and everyone currently looking into higher education, Before You Commit was created to help navigate your college decision by providing real experiences from current or former students. Delving into the pros and cons of each school and looking into what the college reps just won’t be able to tell you, each week we look at a new school, a new perspective, and a new voice on education. We’ll also go in depth on different majors, concentrations, demographics, and more. This podcast is run by students - for students; after all, we’re in this together. College is an unforgettable experience, and we want to make sure you do it right.
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Episode 35: Justin's study abroad in London-->Recall-->Self QuarantineMarch 21, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 34: Yuxiao in Ann Arbor. Slower spread, more time to adapt. March 20, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 33: Coming back from the West, social distancing and how USC is handling the issue. March 19, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 32: Caleb takes on Bio Medical Engineering and Applied Mathematics & Statistics at Stony Brook (Stony Brook, New York)December 09, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 31: Ridwan, Georgetown and Science Technology & International Affairs (Georgetown, Washington D.C)December 02, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 30: Art Conservation at Scripps with Lucy (Claremont, California)November 25, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 29: Christian, SJU, Baruch, and Laguardia (NYC, NY)November 18, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 28: Another Take on Ithaca and Cornell with Luna (Cornell, Ithaca)November 11, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 27: Don't Take it for Granted (SBU, Stony Brook)November 04, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 26: Christine's Environmental Science Experience (Cornell University, Ithaca)October 28, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 25: Choosing a Different Path and Knowing Yourself (BMCC, NYC)October 21, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 24: Value Education at Brooklyn's Campus (Brooklyn College, NYC)October 14, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 23: The NYU Philosopher and Commuter Culture (NYU, NYC)October 07, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 22: Almost a Triple Major and the Tech Interview (Macaulay Hunter College, NYC)September 30, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 21: Trojan Horse and Real Estate Development (USC, California)September 23, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 20: Yonic Joyce, A Trailblazer From Day 1 (Hamilton College, Clinton)December 24, 2018 Episode artwork Episode 19: Volunteering, Networking, and Mooncakes at Northeastern (Northeastern University, Boston)December 03, 2018 Episode artwork Episode 18: A Hustler's Spirit (Macaulay Hunter, New York)November 26, 2018 Episode artwork Episode 17: Going Way Back (Baruch College/Binghamton University)November 19, 2018 Episode artwork Episode 16: Season Special with Justin Bridges (American University, Washington D.C)November 12, 2018 Episode artwork Episode 15: Dante's not-so-inferno (Northeastern University, Boston)November 05, 2018 Episode artwork Episode 14: Journey to the West (USC, Los Angeles)October 29, 2018 Episode artwork Episode 13: ILR: I Love Reading or Industrial and Labor Relations? (Cornell University, Ithaca)October 22, 2018 Episode artwork Episode 12: The Brooklyn Blue Jay (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore)October 15, 2018 Episode artwork Episode 11: Reaching for the Stars with Glee (Rutgers University, New Brunswick)October 08, 2018 Episode artwork